Cleveland Scene

The following pieces appeared in Cleveland Scene Magazine.


DJ Mayonnaise Still Alive | Album Review

Mos Def True Magic  | Album Review

Moby Wait For Me | Album Review

Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire  | Album Review

Phil Collins Going Back  | Album Review

Matthew Dear Asa Breed | Album Review

Moby Destroyed | Album Review

Ryan Adams at Ohio Theatre 1.26.12 | Concert Review

Eels at Beachland Ballroom 8.4.11 | Concert Review

Sade at Quicken Loans Arena 7.10.11 | Concert Review

Josh Groban at Quicken Loans Arena 6.6.11 | Concert Review

Brother Ali at Grog Shop 4.29.07 | Concert Preview

Rob Swift at Mall C 7.27.07 | Concert Preview

Eliot Lipp at B-Side 6.6.07 | Concert Preview

They Might Be Giants at Beachland Ballroom 7.21.07 | Concert Preview

Why? at Beachland Ballroom 3.30.08 | Concert Preview

“Down For The Count: After All These Years, Can Ice-T Still Piss Off America’s Conservative Squares?” | Feature Article

“Slamming Foxy: An Energy Drink With A Bizarre Past Hypes Cleveland’s Hip-Hop Scene” | Feature Article

[These are just a few examples of my work for Cleveland Scene.]